Digital DIY: Black Frame + a Brazilian paper gift bag

If there's a thing we love at Love Folio that's playing around with different photography styles. So when last week we set out on a trash the dress trip with bride Agnese (pics coming soon x) I made sure I had plenty of different cameras with me. One of them was an old 600 type Polaroid camera loaded with a stack of Impossible Project's PX600 Black Frame
Black frame for a delicate wedding story? How Dare you!? And YES I am all about daring! Especially when the final print isn't my project's landing site. Being a lady I also happen to collect all the pretty wrapping paper I'm lucky enough to receive along with the presents: when you need a small, pretty and original backdrop I look no further! So here it is, my Black Frame print of our lovely bride shot against a flowery paper gift bag from Brazil (with a cameraphone, I may add). What's not to love? x