Mrs. Annie Leibovitz, will you shoot my wedding?

There are names in the past & present of photography that just need no introduction.

The likes of Annie Leibovitz, Richard Avedon, Mario Testino and many others have become super-duper-world-famous because of their skills, their ideas and their unique visual taste & sensitivity in doing their amazing, mind blowing photography business.

But have they ever shot a wedding? You might be surprised to learn that the answer is YES.

Now, of course, if they ever did shoot A WEDDING, they surely weren't hired for my aunt Lara's big day back in 1989 nor your neighbour's garden ceremony. Of course they photographed celebs, aristocracy & the rich and famous in general, often on assignment for some exclusive fashion magazine. But hey! a wedding is still a wedding, right?

 Kate Moss & Jamie Hince on their wedding day. Photo by Mario Testino.

Kate Moss & Jamie Hince on their wedding day. Photo by Mario Testino.

Taking the cue from the recent grand opening of Love Folio's headquarters on Pinterest, I decided to dedicate a specific board to collecting the supreme wedding shots made by the greatest photographer s that ever lived and worked on this planet. Pop by my Weddings by The Great board and see for yourself.

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Pinky promise x